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Sometimes there is a feeling that the modern man is a lone swimmer in a whole ocean of general information that is sailing, or rather floundering among the huge waves. This is a swimmer that does not know where he is heading and does not see the shore. When getting a huge amount of information, the lion's share of which is negative, destructive (I mean the news content consisting entirely of messages about the facts of violence, crimes committed, corruption, theft, cruelty towards people and animals), as far as I am concerned, I find myself in a state of non-perception of such an information, of its rejection, of fatigue with it. As if an internal filter blocks this negativity. And against the background of this state, it becomes especially joyful to receive information of a completely different nature - life-affirming, creative.
So recently, I read about the festival "Burning Man" held in the United States. This is an annual eight-day event taking place in the Black Rock Desert. The festival begins on the last Monday of August, at one minute past zero hours. It comes to its culmination on Saturday after sunset, when they burn a huge wooden statue of a man.
The organizers define this event as experiment on creation of a radical self-expression society. During a week in the desert, works of art, often of fantastic forms are installed, "mutated" machines run, the participants go wearing costumes of animals, objects, etc., welcoming radical self-expression, absurdity, general merriment. At this time, San Francisco becomes empty, and the top managers of the largest Internet-giants join the 70 thousand pilgrims.
An unprecedented interest in this festival is largely determined by its participants. These are the founders of Facebook, Google, Airbnb - Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Dustin Moskovitz. These billionaires of the Silicon Valley can take the liberty of spending their vacations anywhere in the world. However, they voluntarily become part of a mad social experiment with thousands of strangers in the sizzling desert. Already today the Festival has become a totem for the unique culture of the Internet industry and the participation in it can be viewed as a certain stage of personal development and,to a certain extent, of prestige (for example, the electric car "Tesla" was presented for the first time at this festival).
Information on the festival interested me very much and at first gladdened me - there was something new and positive. But afterwards some associations came up, and I began to think. After all, no story starts from its beginning; tree roots are always hidden from view.
Itis the very truth itself “Whathasbeenwillbeagain, whathasbeen done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun. Isthereanythingofwhichonecansay, “Lookthisissomethingnew”? Itwasherealreadylongago; itwasherebeforeourtime…” (Ecclesiastes1: 9-10).
I want to share with you my reflections.

At the beginning, here is a small excursus. A long time ago, more precisely in the period from 1500 to 400 BC, vast areas of Western and Central Europe were inhabited by tribes of Indo-European origin - the Celts. The Celts were one of the most warlike people in Europe. They were reputed to be brave warriors, fierce and ruthless. After killing an enemy, Celtic warriors cut off their heads and hung on the necks of their horses, and bringing them home, nailed to the inputs of their homes. The Celts managed to conquer almost all Europe and even to put on knees and plunder the unbeaten Rome.
The Druids had a great influence on the Celts –the priests, in whose hands the exercise of religious worship and the highest judicial power was concentrated. Thus, the Druids, in order to appease the gods and the forces of nature, made human sacrifices. To do this, people convicted of a crime or intended for a sacrifice to the godswere locked in a man-shaped cage made of willow twigs ("The Wicker Man"), which was then burned.
The following information is from Wikipedia: "At the end of the twentieth century, the ritual of burning the "wicker man" revived in the Celtic neo-paganism (the religious movement of Wicca), but without the concomitant sacrifice”.
There is an opinion that Wicca is a form of Satanism. Etymologically the word means magician, witch. For Wiccans the traditional practice of witchcraft is that in the nude, known as the "heavenly garments". Among their magical tools there are broom, cauldron, knife, wand and pentacle. Wicca got widespread use in the United States. There even the status of Wiccans was legalized by amending the national laws. The Wiccan symbol is included in the official list of religious emblems placed on the gravestones of soldiers and veterans of the US Army (the symbol is an inverted pentagram).
The Wiccan morality is based on the instruction: if it harms none, do what you want.
In today's world the imitation of the ceremony with the participation of "The Wicker Man" is used by some neo-pagan groups guided by the Celtic tradition. As a rule, they are timed to coincide with certain holidays. For example, since 1986 the state of Nevada hosts the annual festival «Burning Man», at which a huge wooden statue is burned".
And for a more complete picture, I will cite some of the statements of one of the main ideologists of the festival.
The founder of Tesla Motors, Space X and X.com Elon Musk believes that mankind will face a disaster if it is not able to adapt in a society where most of the work will be performed by robots. He believes that in the near future people will massively remain without work because of the robots, the artificial intelligence will replace almost all blue-collar occupations, and the neural networks will be able to replace even persons of creative professions. "All of us will have to learn to co-exist in symbiosis with advanced artificial intelligence," –he said. Musk offers a way out –the introduction of an unconditional basic income – regular payments to each member of the society without work performance.
This information summarized in three theses in fact tells volumes.
First, that now people who have control over the global information space actively work on a new model of society and the principles of the existence of this society. The motivation of these people is the same as that of the Celtic Druids several thousand years ago – control over the people and power in the world. And the rituals remained unchanged – "heavenly garments," which means today nudism at the festival, pentacles and pentagrams, and, of course, the main ritual – sacrificing a human being to the gods, its burning. And this always in a wicker cage in order to make the heat stronger.
There is one feature that has emerged over time in the evolution of mankind. Sacrifice is not made to the old gods, but to a new god – AI.
And the name of this godwas voiced by Elon Musk. AI means Artificial Intelligence.
Have you noticed that Musk tells about the disaster as an indisputable fact that we should not prevent, but, on the contrary, accept it? Here Overton Window technology gets activated, by which an attempt is made to convince the mankind of the inevitability of what Musk said. This term has been already introduced in our life; we associate AI with the films "Terminator," "Star Wars", "Space Odyssey 2001". Hollywood films tone down our perception level, AI becomes habitual and commonplace for us.
The scientific community is working on the issue of creation of artificial intelligence, a computer that will be as smart as humans. Scientists want to repeat our own brain – the most complex object in the known Universe.
Motivation? Together with intelligence, power and strength appear. After all, the artificial superintelligence will be the most powerful creature in the history of life on Earth, and all living beings, including humans, will be in its power, and it will happen soon. If AI is hundreds, thousands times smarter than we are, it will be able to easily calculate the position of every atom in the universe at any given time. All that can be called magic, any force which is credited with the almighty god, all of it will be at the disposal of AI: creation of technologies, treatment of any disease, deliverance from death and weather control, or an immediate end of life on Earth. Do we know if this God will be good? What awaits us – extinction or immortality? There is no way to understand what AI will do and what the consequences would be for us, because it will be a few steps upper in the development than we are.
People seem to be small children playing with a bomb. We have no idea when the detonation will occur and what are the consequences of our invention.
But unfortunately, people trapped by dreams of money and fame to which they will come, after creating AI, are working faster and faster in this direction. There are states, black markets, terrorist organizations, technology companies that work. They seem to be fever-stricken.
Little has changed over the centuries: the thirst for power, the creation of new gods and a complete lack of responsibility. And the mandatory offering in sacrifice to the gods of the most valuable that is created by nature – the human being. The ritual burning of a man in the wicker cage is an image. In real life, it's a battle for attention and understanding of human beings –a fierce and ruthless battle.
The modern man is under a constant negative influence. In the arsenal there are science, religion, mental deception, and whirligig of conspiracies.
Our mind, intellect is an interface, software of the biological brain. The reality that surrounds us is transferred through the mind and is interpreted due to it.
This process goes on by using the codes sent to us by the Universe and the codes contained in human DNA. These codes contain invaluable information on the development of mankind hundreds, on millions of years of evolution. But with the help of distorted information, which has a negative, destructive nature, our mind is influenced with the aim to change it. Informative viruses are introducedin our program, whose purpose is the development and improvement of a human being, and destroy it.
When changing the program, we differently interpret the world around us, and differently treat it.
We can observe the consequences of such impacts on the human mind and its life program in all spheres of human activity: destruction of nature, destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth, man-made disasters, unsustainable use of natural resources, more frequent military conflicts, and the threat of nuclear war.
Think what has happened to the mankind if it tries to create an intellect smarter of its own, rather than to improve the own one?
After all, our will should consist in another thing: to know more, to think faster, to remain humans to a greater degree than we have been, to grow together and to create the future. We, unlike the machines and robots, not only can think logically, but most importantly we can love, sympathize, compassionate and empathize.
After all, we are loved – and we must love too. Think of Mother Earth. We came to earth to obtain invaluable experience – lived human experience. We are located on her body, she gives us shelter, food, water, minerals, rejoices us with her beauties. And like little children, we first feed on her milk, her juice. So why, instead of gratitude and love that she deserves, we are tearing her flesh and drink her blood? What's wrong with humanity that forgot how to give love after accepting it? What's wrong with our mind? Isn't it time to return it to its place?
At the beginning of the article I wanted to share my thoughts with you. But in reality, I want you to start to think yourselves about it and make your own conclusions.
You have to think, reflect, and learn to properly perceive the information, filter out all the unnecessary and harmful, and cultivate positive and creative thoughts. As the human needs body hygiene, so it needs also hygiene and purity of mind and of thought. Pay attention to the new systems of training and upbringing. The generation of people who read, get their experience also through emotions gleaned from books, is being replaced by a generation of people that are scanning texts. Degradation of Homo sapiens is paving the way for the artificial intelligence. Society and the state are gradually losing control over the quality and purity of the information that people receive, and that's why everyone should take care of themselves, protect themselves and their loved ones, especially the younger generation, from informational pollution and contamination.
People are superior to other types in terms of the enormous collective intelligence. Starting from the development and the formation of large communities, moving through invention of writing and printing, using such a tool as the Internet, the collective intelligence of people can be confidently called the crown of evolution. On the other hand, there are the computers. A worldwide network of artificial intelligences, working according to the same program, constantly synchronized and self-sustained, will able to work as one unit, because computers are not affected by the presence of a dissenting opinion, motivation and self-interest, as people are. Is the goal of human evolution to create an artificial intelligence that will replace the human?
We are told that we will have a global catastrophe. There are three things that can bring people to it. It is the nature (viruses, air shift, collision with a large asteroid, and so on), "aliens" (extraterrestrial impact and intrusion) and people (catastrophic world war, man-made catastrophe, creation of something that is more intelligent than people...).
People themselves interpret the reality and construct, create it. Our tomorrow is the result of our thoughts, words, and actions today.
"Crown of nature" or "The Wicker Man" – is our choice, of the whole mankind and of each individual separately.

ValentinProdaevich Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.